How This Entrepreneur Shares the Richness of Asian Cuisine and Culture in Tampa

Born in Indonesia, Ferdian Jap’s upbringing in a Chinese restaurant fostered his passion for culinary arts and his desire to share the richness of Asian cuisine.

As the owner of Zukku Sushi and Astro Craft Ice Cream, Ferdian is not only continuing his family’s legacy of running restaurants but is also on a mission to showcase the diverse cultures and flavors of Asia to the local community.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Ferdian is set to revolutionize the dining experience in Tampa. In addition to his current ventures, he is working on a Korean BBQ concept that promises to be a unique and upscale establishment. He envisions a dining environment that goes beyond Tampa’s expectations, immersing guests in an extraordinary atmosphere while savoring delectable Korean dishes.

Beyond his influence in the culinary world, Ferdian has actively participated in initiatives to revitalize downtown Tampa, demonstrating his dedication to the community. As the former project manager for Friends of the Riverwalk, he played a crucial role in fundraising efforts that contributed to the development of downtown Tampa. Inspired by his involvement, Ferdian launched “Big City Events,” an organization that focuses on organizing festivals and concerts in Tampa.

Ferdian has also established a subsidiary called “Pier Events,” which aims to bring the same dynamic energy to St. Petersburg. Notably, he is the event manager for the iconic St. Pete Pier, overseeing a diverse range of engaging activities.

Ferdian Jap is eager to introduce new concepts and plans to expand his restaurant empire both locally and nationally. Through his endeavors, he continues to celebrate the diverse cultures of Asia while leaving a lasting impact on the dynamic landscape of Tampa’s restaurant and entertainment industries.

Featured Image Source: Linkedin