Karho Leung // S2 Ep 197 // Redefining the Standard Grooming Experience

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 197 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Karho Leung on this week's show.

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Karho Leung is a former accountant and founder of 12Pell. Karho's desire for entrepreneurship allowed him to break the mold which he refers to as the “Asian American Narrative,” an upbringing that defines success through one's ability to thrive in white-collar careers. After leaving the suit and tie behind, Karho's inspiration is to lead and encourage others to challenge their cultural norms of success – his passion for serving the AAPI community has made him a keynote speaker at corporate speaking engagements, panels, and round tables to represent the community of young Asian American millennials and Gen Z.

After founding 12Pell 4 years ago, the business has expanded to two retail locations and a member's house. 12Pell's quick rise in media has earned itself a title as "the barbershop with the largest social media presence" in the nation. The business has recently formed a media arm that is focused on leading a new generational voice for men's grooming and education. As 12 Pell clients and viewers like to say, a visit to 12Pell is synonymous with "crying tears of joy" or "being blessed."

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