Katie Soo // S2 Ep 113 // Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders With Asia Society

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 113 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Katie Soo on this week's show.

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Katie Soo is an award-winning global media and tech marketer with a proven track record for breaking trends, forging new technology partnerships, and launching large-scale, disruptive business models and brands. In her current role as CMO of KiwiCo, Soo oversees global marketing across consumer, brand, media, growth and acquisition, and campaign strategy. A strong sense of purpose and a passion for inspiring the next generation of leaders led her to join the innovative ecommerce company which provides hands on learning experiences for kids that spark curiosity and teach creative confidence.

The former Senior Vice President of Growth Marketing for HBO Max, Soo led a 170+ person team to build a core growth engine that enabled end to end consumer marketing, powering subscriber growth through break-through media campaigns, social stunts, and a reimagined editorial experience. This revolutionary approach helped grow the streaming service from 33M domestic subscribers to 47M at the end of second quarter, bringing in more than 14M subscribers since the streaming platform’s launch.

Soo previously served as Head of Marketing at Warner Bros. Digital Networks where she led marketing and digital transformation efforts across the portfolio. Before her work at WB, she held senior positions at Fullscreen Media and Hulu. She was also an early employee of Dollar Shave Club, where she built the marketing roadmap to shape the subscription business model for years to come.

She has received numerous accolades for her work in both creative storytelling and digital products. Most recently she was recognized on Ad Age’s “40 Under 40,” PR Week’s “The Innovation 50” and was named on Goldhouse’s A100 list honoring the most impactful Asians in culture.

Soo is a West Coast native and sits on the Advisory Board for both Pinterest and California State University Entertainment Alliance. She’s also on the Asia Society’s Board of Trustees and is the Co-Chair of Asia Society Southern California and serves as a member of Vox Media’s Brand Council.

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