Stephanie Hu // S2 Ep 103 // Dear Asian Youth

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 103 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Stephanie Hu on this week's show.

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Stephanie Hu, a high school senior from Southern California, is the Founder and Executive Director of Dear Asian Youth and the Co-Founder of CUSD Against Racism. Her identity as a Chinese American has pushed her to passionately uplift marginalized voices into intersectional activism. Stephanie's organization, Dear Asian Youth, currently has over 180 chapters around the world and 400 works of literature. Stephanie is also the Co-Executive Director of the Women of Color Conference, which united 4,850+ girls of color to engage in a 2-day, virtual conference with career-oriented panels from 31 renowned speakers and $4000 in scholarships. 

In addition, Stephanie is the Education Policy Director of the California Association of Student Councils, which seeks to equip California students with tools to directly influence the education system, as well as the Media Director of Empowerment Collective, which works to engage and mobilize youth in every step of the legislative process to pass groundbreaking legislation in California.

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