50-Year-Old Chinese Flight Attendant Who Lost Job Due To Age Limits Received Got Hired At A Foreign Airline After Learning New Languages

Age sets no limits for a 50-year-old flight attendant from China who lost her job and instead sought to better herself by studying English and Finnish, which caused her to receive numerous offers and land a new job at a foreign airline.

“Use all your strength and courage to deal with life. Live in the moment, and never regret every step you’ve taken,” Ms. Hu says in South China Morning Post.

The Chinese cabin crew is one of the numerous people who are subjected to discriminatory age restrictions in China, as airlines do not hire anyone older than 40.

The Beijing-native woman was dismissed from her six-year employment at Norwegian Air Shuttle during an internal restructuring.

Hu’s video received popularity online and positive comments from internet users who praised her as a shining example for women.

“She is so encouraging. Everybody, let us learn from her to improve ourselves,” an online reader commented.

The lady is now on her 8th month at her new job. Sharing her beauty regimen, she said “I exercise routinely, and I insist on eating a healthy diet. These are major reasons that I am still able to handle this physically demanding job which requires flying for long hours.”

Her life story gained notoriety as an inspiration, which helped raise awareness of age discrimination in the mainland job market.