Veteran News Correspondent John Yang To Sit As PBS News Weekend’s Newest Anchor

Beginning this December 31st, John Yang will take over as the new host of PBS News Weekend.

The 64-year-old veteran news correspondent and commentator covered politics and international events for most of his career. He had been exposed to these topics since the 1980s, not long after receiving his degree from Wesleyan University.

He worked as a journalist for The Boston Globe, Time, The Washington Post, and NBC News before joining “NewsHour” in early 2016 as a national correspondent covering the election and the first year of the Trump administration.

Since that time, he has concentrated on reporting more about the Supreme Court and intends to continue doing so.

Yang pledges to deliver the same sorts of subjects that are vital to the weekday audience which according to him can only be seen on “NewsHour” with his new position.

“Getting out in the field is really what gives my work energy,” he adds.

Yang will also be allowed to blend in other stories that may surprise viewers, according to Rachel Wellford, executive producer of the half-hour weekend program.

“Viewers may anticipate a combination of the lighter fare that people like to watch on weekends, including interviews with musicians, artists, and athletes. Weekends allow us to cover a wide range of topics that we may not have time to cover during the five-day-per-week “PBS NewsHour” program. On that, we’ll keep expanding,” she said.

Yang will take over for Geoff Bennett, who will join Amna Nawaz on the daily version of PBS NewsHour, following Judy Woodruff.