A Culinary Adventure With Mark Wiens On HBO Go To Debut This November

As the nation’s most famous foodie Mark Wiens is coming back to HBO Go with his very own show. He is currently located in Thailand and is a co-owner of Phed Mark, a popular Thai eatery known for its “very spicy” pad krapao.

A small look into the culture of Singapore will be presented in the Food Affair with Mark Wiens episode that will be made available on HBO GO on November 18th. Food is a serious matter; for Mark, it is not simply about consuming food; instead, he will bring each dish’s cultural and traditional elements to life.

The six-part series will feature him shooting the breeze up with everyone from Michelin-starred chefs to legendary street food vendors in Singapore.  He is impressed but used to being delighted by the city because it is home to more than fifty restaurants with Michelin stars and over sixty entries in the Bib Gourmand guide.

Mark found it inspiring to hear how the owners of different restaurants came to follow their dreams and create the unique cuisines they do today. ”It’s undeniable that food is at the center of all our lives, and that’s what brought us all together,” Mark shared.

The 36-year-old food enthusiast has persisted in pursuing his hobby of food vlogging, and he frequently takes the 9.3M audience of his YouTube channel around the world as he samples a variety of mouthwatering cuisines. The expressions on his face communicate to anyone who watches him exactly how delicious each dish is.

Follow Mark as he explores all aspects of Singapore’s food culture, from hawker centers and high-end restaurants.