If You Are Doubting On Your Career Move, Take It From This CEO Who Made Corporate Twists and Turns

If you’re worried about making the wrong career move because you’ve started to second-guess yourself, keep in mind that there is no bad decision regarding your professional development. Debby Soo, CEO of restaurant reservation service OpenTable, can understand.

Consider Soo’s words carefully if you’re struggling to make a major career choice or feel paralyzed by uncertainty.

She eventually settled on a mantra that brought her peace. She struggled with worry and stress over her future career path and doubted her choices at each turning point. Eventually, things worked out for her. 

She realized that her work experience was valuable despite her dissatisfaction with her job. She knew that her decision which appeared disastrous at the time might ultimately result in professional success in ways she could never have imagined. Soo firmly believed there are no wrong turns in any career, “I didn’t have to spend so much time stressing about it,” she told CNBC Make It.

To maximize one’s employment as a learning opportunity, Soo suggested working diligently in any position. Soo advised, “Do the work, do the homework, and be prepared, even if it’s a boring and tedious task or position,” Soo explains to CNBC Make It, “If you put in the effort, something will come to fruition eventually.”

As a result of keeping an open mind and learning from her mistakes, she has come to appreciate the tasks she once found tedious. She has acquired knowledge in areas such as the types of work one never wants to do again and the best ways to handle problematic coworkers.

Soo was well aware that one choice regarding a job opportunity would not determine the course of the rest of her life. She may find that her definition of an ideal dream job shifts for the better due to the twists and turns she encounters along the way toward her goal of advancing her career. 

At the moment, Soo has continued to manage OpenTable since 2020. After more than a decade at the travel search company Kayak and work experience at Google that left her with a great deal of doubt about her professional future, Soo is now actively working to better herself and is successfully advancing her career as a CEO woman.