Asian American Writer Stephanie Foo Recounts the Horrors of Child Abuse and PTSD Healing Journey in Her New Memoir

“This book has a good ending.”, as the writer and former “This American Life” producer, Stephanie Foo felt compelled to remark in the prologue, as her memoir about recovering from complicated PTSD contains such distressing accounts of abuse.

The Malaysia-born American writer’s life was textured by childhood trauma, and when misery, self-loathing, and rumination overcame her a few years ago, she felt it was time to better grasp how. Regardless of how one defines it, it wasn’t an intellectual indulgence, but an essential experiment in healing.

In Foo’s memoir, “What My Bones Know,” she reveals a toll of suffering that spans generations, nestling into cells, pulsing through bones. Foo is trying to piece together her abuse from the parts of herself that she created.

The 35-year old said in an interview that she hopes to give unconditional love and support, and the freedom to feel whatever children want to feel without being shamed.

If such a spoiler is allowed, it’s worth mentioning that Foo’s happy ending is nothing short of deliverance – rich and joyful and full of care the child was denied. Even though the book may be finished, Foo still continues her journey to healing.