‘We Cannot Afford to anymore’: Macon’s Wandee Asian market Closes After Just a Year

More and more small businesses are facing a difficult time as prices are on the rise, and the Wandee Asian Market is no exception.

Although business founders Nawarat “Ploy” Vibulrungsun and Chatnarin “Mac” Apirukanotai jumped at the idea of making exotic products accessible to those in Macon, they claim it’s no longer worth it due to escalating expenses and supply difficulties.

Ploy and Mac said that they have to go to Atlanta every week to get their vegetables, but now they can’t get them from their vendors, and there are a lot of things they can’t acquire, so they have to spend money just to travel to Atlanta.

According to business.org, 64% of small businesses report an inability to acquire items or perform services, which is a trend that is likely to continue.

It’s a disappointment for shoppers who don’t have access to these items. Longtime shopper Allen Brown has been shopping at Wandee since it first opened a year ago. Brown is extremely sad to see them close as it was a great treat for him to be able to get Asian products at Wandee that he appreciates and eating for many years.

Ploy and Mac are grateful for their clients’ support, despite their plans to close business at the end of February.