Asian Resource Inc: Former Refugees Assist Refugees To Work And Settle in Sacramento

Over 108,000 migrants have been resettled in California over the last 20 years. Between 2017 and 2019, Sacramento County is a leading refugee destination in California, with 2,400 refugees relocating to the city.

With refugees coming to the U.S., Sacramentos’ nonprofit community-based organization Asian Resource Inc. (ARI) assists refugees as well as immigrants with their English learning skills, job skills, and naturalization tests.

Established in 1980, ARI is on a mission to provide multiple social services needed in our community and empower everyone we serve to become a vital part of our changing, diverse society. Since then, the non-profit has helped dozens of families land jobs through its on-the-job training program.  

ARI also offers other programs such as Youth Employment Services, and numerous free workshops and services which include Computer Classes, Financial Coaching, and Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance (SERA). 

The organization has over 35 community partnerships both private and government-funded grants, fundraising events, and individual contributions including Asian Pacific Community Counseling, National CAPACD, and Sheriff Sacramento County.

ARI is always in need of resources. To learn more, click here.