Baisun Brings Experiential Soy Candles Inspired By Nostalgic Asian Scents and Flavors

The scent of cherry blossoms fills the air and suddenly reminds you of your childhood when your parents were trying to get the best ornament for the Lunar New Year at the local market. How about the scent of steamed white rice, which instantly puts you in that thought that dinner is almost ready. Smells like nostalgia, right?

Baisun Candle Co. handcrafts 100% soy wax candles with Asian-specific scents and aromas such as Chrysanthemum Tea, Lychee, Ube pancakes, and even Brown Sugar Boba that a lot of people who grew up in an Asian household would resonate with.

Brandon Leung, the company’s founder, came up with the idea for experiential candles when one of his relatives had passed, and wanted to remember the memories they’ve shared together whenever they would go every summer to Hong Kong to visit friends and family.

“To ‘honor’ her memories, I decided I wanted to start a candle business (Baisun Candle Co.) that focuses on Asian specific scents and aromas a lot of people who grew up in an Asian household would recognize” Brandon shared with the AHN community.

In Cantonese, “bai sun” means “to honor, worship, or pray for your ancestors,” he added.

Brandon is aiming to focus his collections around Asian-specific scents that the AAPI community would recognize but would also still be enticing to non-Asians.

This May, in honor of Mother’s Day and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage, the candle company is teaming up with two Asian-owned businesses and will be giving away some gift sets. For more information, click here.

What other Asian scents do you want to see happen?

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