Youth-Led Non-Profit Project Lotus Aims to Empower Asian Americans Voices and Destigmatize Mental Illness

“We’re Asian-Americans. We’re tired of discrimination and prejudice. We’re tired of mental health stigma. We’re tired of the model minority myth.” is the first thing that you’ll see on Project Lotus’ website.

According to the project, 25% of all Asian-Americans face mental distress, 19% of students contemplate suicide, and sadly 3 times less likely to seek help compared to other Americans.

Project Lotus’ Co-founder, Aaron Li, a senior at Sunset High School, came up with the idea for Project Lotus after his discussion with his friends about academic expectations and the stress that comes with it. He was recently named one of 25 Prudential Emerging Visionaries around the country.

The youth-led organization’s goal is to de-stigmatize mental illness by addressing the misconception about Asian Americans.

Project Lotus webinars on mental wellness created by and for Asian-Americans, as well as workshops tailored to Asian-Americans and co-hosted with mental health specialists. A podcast called The Root Problem, hosted by Kevin Lei and Ethan Durham discusses topics of mental health the community doesn’t talk about.

The community is also sharing stories and articles which highlight the real perspectives of mental health that are taboo and never acknowledged. Everyone is also encouraged to share and empower those without a voice whether it is through an article, opinion, or anonymous short message.

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