Chloe Kim begged reporters for snacks because she was starving after her gold-medal victory

Chloe Kim is the most relatable gold medalist

Everyone craves a treat after a long day of hard work. This has been seen in the 2022 Beijing Olympics after Chloe Kim racked another gold medal, making history as the first woman to win two golds in the snowboard halfpipe.

After celebrating her dominant victory and making her way to the post-event press conference, the 21-year-old had an urgent realization- hunger.

“I’m starving,” she announced in front of journalists from across the world. 

“If anyone has some snacks in their pockets, maybe?” she added, eliciting laughter from around the press room.

The reporters immediately sprang into action, bringing all sorts of snacks on the podium. Kim assured me that she can accommodate the questions from the next journalist in line. She also offered Japan’s Sena Tomita — the third-place finisher in the halfpipe event — some food to share.