Snowdrop: Disney+ Releases Trailer for Its First Korean Drama Series

Snowdrop on Disney+: Key art and trailer of the platform’s first Korean drama series

Disney+ dropped the trailer and key art for Snowdrop, the streaming platform’s first Korean drama series.

The series is another masterpiece by the writer and director duo, Yoo Hyun-mi and Jo Hyun-Tak, the people behind 2018’s Sky Castle which was was the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history at the time of its airing.

Snowdrop centers on the forbidden romance between a university student Eun Yeong-Ro and an undercover Lim Soo-ho. Their story is set in a pivotal moment in South Korea’s history which saw the June 1987 Democracy Movement and the subsequent end of the authoritarian Fifth Republic of Korea and the establishment of the democratic Sixth Republic of Korea.

Since its development, Snowdrop has been a controversy starting with its synopsis. Many believed that Snowdrop would include historically inaccurate or insensitive depictions of events and characters involved in a sensitive period of time in South Korea’s recent history and its pro-democracy movement.

Even presidential candidate Sim Sang-Jung of the Justice Party took a parting shot at Snowdrop.

She emphasized that problematic indication if no one is alarmed to see “a drama

featuring a pseudo-Chun Doo Hwan who is portrayed as the godfather of the mafia, a spy who infiltrated the movement, a righteous NSA, university students who show no worries about what is happening around them.”

She said, “If we are going to shine a light in a harsh era, the protagonist should be our ordinary citizens who shed blood, sweat, and tears for the democracy of the Republic of Korea, not the security guards and spies of the South faction under the dictatorship.”

She ended her criticism with the statement, “creative freedom should be humble in the face of the wounds of history.”