Dallas Omakase Restaurant Makes Memorable Dining Experience For Deaf Couple With Staff Using ASL

Victor Montiel and Melissa Keomoungkhoun were on the verge of tears as they expressed their gratitude to the Tatsu Dallas’ personnel for making their experience unforgettable.

The couple, who are both deaf, revealed in Today that they are used to getting ready in explaining themselves using their voices and American Sign Language, displaying texts from their phones, or even asking for pen and paper.

Melissa’s sister was worried that interaction with the staff would be difficult because she was aware that “omakase” means that diners receive meals that include foods chosen especially by the chef, which means more word-of-mouth discussion.

In advance of this, Melissa wrote Tatsu to inquire as to whether they could still enjoy the meal to its fullest without being able to hear the chef describe each course. She was shocked to learn that they had already gotten the tasting menu, which also listed the available drinks/cocktails, and that a complete menu will be available when they visited.

What surprised them more was the night of their reservation as they were greeted in American Sign Language (ASL) by the staff, including the Beverage Director who is the wife of the chef-owner.

Melissa was quoted saying that “With the staff signing at Tatsu, we didn’t feel left out even though it created some attention in the room.”

She also shared that they gazed in wonder at the excellent service that they received.

The excellent personnel and food service that Tatsu delivers to its guests were posted on Twitter by Melissa’s sister Nataly Keomoungkhoun, the online dining editor of D magazine. Her tweet received thousands of likes and retweets.

The chef-owner Tatsuya Sekiguchi, claims that when working in New York City, he had an encounter that solidified his resolve to always offer the best service he can, he stated “I believe that everyone and every day are unique.” He went on to clarify that his current objective is to just make every meal a special and memorable one.

In her tweet, Nataly put into words how Tatsu exceeded the couple’s expectations where they had the best experience possible.