Filipino Americans: Kimee Balmilero, Tess Paras and Jason Rogel Joins ABC’s Pilot ‘Josep’ As Regulars

The latest additions to ABC’s Filipino American pilot ‘Josep’, starring Jo Koy, are Kimee Balmilero, Tess Paras, and Jason Rogel.

Balmilero is recognized for her regular role as Dr. Noelani Cunha on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0”. Paras joins the series shortly after directing and executive producing the “2022 ViacomCBS Sketch Comedy Showcase”. Rogel recently played Sebastian on Season 2 of “Raven’s Home”.

20th Television’s “Josep” is a comedy series that follows a recently divorced Filipino-American nurse played by the stand-up comedian Jo Koy, who is attempting to navigate dating, parenting, and a very Filipino mother who loves to “help.”

Balmilero plays Geraldine, Jo’s married sister, and has been fighting with him to be their mother’s favorite. She runs a Filipino restaurant with her white husband Seth (but adores Filipino culture), and she’s a relentless self-promoter. 

Paras portray the goal-oriented attorney Cheryl, who is Jo’s divorced ex-wife and the mother of their son, Miles. She is committed to keeping her friendship with Jo, and she looks to be adjusting to single life more smoothly than Koy.

Finally, Rogel takes on the role of Jo’s best friend since high school, Will Lee. He’s a pharmacist with a mischievous grin who has been and sees all social gatherings as potential mating opportunities.

Jo Koy is one of the executive producers of the half-hour comedy. Steve Joe, co-executive producer of “Doogie Kameloha M.D.”, and Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park and Michael Golamcowill write and executive produce the show.