Sony and Marvel Eyeing Steven Yeun Of ‘The Walking Dead’ As Mister Negative In Spider-Man 4

How will Marvel follow up a smash hit like No Way Home? They’ll have to give it their best shot. They’ll also have to go big. 

According to some sources, Steven Yeun is being considered the main villain in the upcoming Marvel hit movie, Spider-Man 4.

Although new plans could come up. Will Steven Yeun be interested in starring in the Marvel film? Will he be interested in playing Mister Negative? We don’t know, and it’s possible he’ll have to think about it and make his own decision once they start talking. It’s still early in the process, but it’s certainly thrilling.

Mr. Negative was given the name because he resembles a photo negative when he transforms into his powerful alter ego. This makes him instantly recognizable, as well as a character with a lot of room for an actor to explore his dual physical and emotional sides.

Since Yeun’s famous character’s death on ‘The Walking Dead’, he’s appeared in a variety of other roles, mainly on television, which is mostly in the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres.


It would seem likely that a Marvel role would be of interest to Yeun, though it’s hard to say. 

Mister Negative is known for chasing Spider-Man, but he’s also notorious for challenging Punisher. Perhaps Steven Yeun will reprise his role as Mister Negative in a new Punisher series when Jon Bernthal finally makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut? One can hope.