Filipino Family Grows COVID Financial Aid From Government Through Fishball Sauce Business

Filipino Richie Fernandez, a new entrepreneur, was able to launch a business venture that now generates a five-digit income with the help of $100 in financial aid from the government.

During the height of the pandemic lockdowns, Richie and his family chose to grow the help by opening Manong’s Fishball Sauce, “We thought of how to grow and prolong the money,” Richie said.

With his family’s fondness of eating street food fish balls but at the same time considering the limitations posed by the pandemic at that time, the family decided to sell bottled fishball sauce so people could just enjoy it at home with their own-cooked fish balls.

The modest family business prospered through hard work and perseverance. Not only do they sell their product in the Philippines but they now also export to Japan, Australia, Austria, and the US.