Through Personal Experience, Tammy Sun Starts Up Carrot Fertility Company To Help Women Start Families

At 34, Tammy Sun went looking for egg fertilizing services as she thought of starting a family of her own someday. But in her quest, she, unfortunately, found out that she has “premature ovarian failure.”

The mysterious disorder indicated negative effects on Tammy’s fertility that she had to go through several egg-freezing cycles which cost her $40,000.

Working in Evernote tech company that did not have fertility treatment benefits, the medication was very costly for her.

With this in mind, Sun put up Carrot Fertility, a fertility care provider, in 2016.

Carrot Fertility partnered with different companies to include fertility services in their health coverage where employees can avail of egg freezing, IVF, adoption, pregnancy, menopause treatments, and others.

In MSNBC, the CEO and founder stated that “The company was born out of a desire to make sure that every single person, regardless of their age, their sex, their sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, race or geography would have equal access to high-quality care.”

Not only did the service provider address women’s concerns but also men’s as according to her, fertility is a human health issue for both sexes.

A year after Carrot’s onset, it has already acquired over $200 million in investments from first-class firms and is now a partner of above 800 companies.

Supporting millions of workers, including their families, Carrot is set to process claims worth $500 million.

Tammy also revealed that 95% of their clients remain in their respective jobs because of Carrot.

Unlike other businesses which declined during the pandemic, more than a three-fold increase in the use of the platform was observed during the time and up until now as many availed of mental and emotional health services.

Many companies partnered with Carrot to encourage employees to stay especially during the Great Resignation period.

Now, Carrot Fertility is the leading global platform for fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits.