Former Foodpanda Rider Launches Dessert Bar Serving Coriander Gelato, Mala Waffles

Combining sweet cream with the sharp zing of coriander, this gelato flavor apparently converted over 80% of coriander haters who tried it, as per Eat Book Singapore.

Bryan Liew launched his dessert cafe LoFi Bar at the height of the pandemic, with no prior F&B experience except being a Foodpanda rider.

According to Vulcan Post, Bryan’s purpose behind launching his cafe was simple: to fulfill Singaporeans ‘ habit of “eating and hunting for food ” during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 27-year-old earned a Malaysian and UK digital marketing degree and started as a Retail Marketer in 2017 before becoming a Senior Operations Manager. He quit his job on the first day of Singapore’s ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown.

Bryan used his digital marketing skills and did thorough consumer research to attract more consumers during the lockdown. When his restaurant opened, he surveyed every customer for feedback.

He innovated his menu with unique food like coriander ice cream which is currently their best seller, and the sweet, spicy, and savory Mala chicken waffles.

As a former Foodpanda rider, he understands the challenges riders face and makes food collecting easier, especially those with beverages, which are well-packed to minimize spillage.

Make sure to visit LoFi Bar when you travel to Singapore!