Two Former Bankers Set Out To Make Plant-Based Home Goods Using Bamboos

In order to produce environmentally friendly household goods such as tissues and wipes, Singaporeans Angela Sim and Lynn Yeo, the founders of Cloversoft, invested in bamboo trees as the material of choice. 

Bamboos were discovered to be the fastest-growing plants in the study, so they decided to cultivate them. Furthermore, unbleached bamboo does not contain any chemicals, which contributes to its sustainability.

Angela and Lynn founded Cloversoft in September 2014, and both are passionate about producing safe and environmentally friendly consumer goods. They became close friends while working at a bank for several years before launching their business. Lynn’s lifelong passion is recycling and green projects, whereas Angela strongly cares for animals.

According to Angela, a documentary on a polar bear in the Arctic brought her to tears on an aircraft back to Singapore from a business trip abroad. Because of this, she became fond of the cute critter that would eventually become Cloversoft’s mascot.

Cloversoft only uses superior, cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly raw ingredients. No artificial scents, colors, alcohol, chlorine, or other chemicals that might harm the consumer were included.

Other brands may not adopt bamboo because of its higher cost, despite its environmental benefits. Angela and Lyn, however, keep prices low so people and companies may afford to go green. The duo plans to expand its operations in the United States, including Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Coversoft’s long-term objective is to build the most successful fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in Singapore, with offices around the world, centered on the core values of providing products that are affordable, environmentally friendly, and derived from plants.

Lack of business experience made learning tough at first. There was no demand for their eco-friendly goods, and other corporations repeatedly turned them down. Angela admitted,  “This was one of the darkest moments in our entrepreneurship journey”.  

Fortunately, consumers now publicly acknowledge their items and frequently purchase their green products  Word-of-mouth and consumer feedback helped them quickly spread the word, and their sales grew 1,500% in one year.

They’ve also donated a portion of their revenues to Polar Bears International in Canada to help protect the polar bear population.

Cloversoft’s first year of business saw strong sales and rising client bases in Asia Pacific countries. The firm aims to become the largest FMCG company headquartered in Singapore, with branches throughout the world, by delivering safe, environmentally friendly, and fairly priced plant-based products.