From Former Janitor To Leading A Flourishing Filipino Restaurant In Australia

Who would have thought that the odd jobs of a janitor and a street vendor would lead to such a great story? This is what actually transpired to John Andrew Dangca, the owner of a Filipino restaurant in Canberra, Australia.

Before establishing his popular restaurant among Filipinos, he worked as a street vendor and janitor. Despite his difficult beginning, he was determined to succeed. He saved money and eventually opened his own restaurant. His business success has allowed him to provide for his family. 

Salu-Salo Restaurant, which has been serving Filipino cuisine in Canberra, Australia was also impacted by the pandemic. Fortunately, he was able to adapt by pivoting to a delivery and take-out model. 

He says that they’ve been able to weather the challenge because of the support of their customers. Andrew admitted that he reaches out to his customers to order some food, and if they do, he personally travels to them, regardless of the distance. 

His journey to Australia began when he was young and open to the idea of studying or working abroad. His aunt sponsored his trip to Australia in 2013, where he enrolled in college and began training as a cleaner. It was never easy for him to juggle a job and schoolwork, but he did it because he wanted to provide for his family.

Andrew’s story demonstrates that it is possible to achieve success despite challenging circumstances if one is willing to work hard and never give up. “I put in a lot of effort and always try to do my best in order to be where I am now,” he stated on a Philippine TV show. 

He proved that beginning in a low position, such as working as a janitor or street vendor, is not an obstacle to future success. Rather, this will serve as the fuel that propels you forward toward achieving your goals.