Humphry Slocombe Launched Filipino-Inspired Ice Cream In Collaboration With Popular Eatery Señor Sisig

There is nothing quite like a scoop of ice cream on a hot day, as we’re sure you’ll agree! And what better way to enjoy one than with a tasty serving of delectable creations alongside your best dishes?

This summer, the renowned Filipino food truck now restaurant Señor Sisig will open a branch in the food hall of the San Francisco Bay Area and collaborate with the Filipino-inspired experimental ice cream Humphry Slocombe.

They have been starting to develop a new ice cream flavor that evokes childhood and promotes the favorite dishes with an accompanying dessert. According to SFGate, both businesses have decided to work together as they get ready to become Ferry Building tenants.

It may be a new flavor for Humphry Slocombe customers, but it’s not for Filipinos. Made with cinnamon and bananas, the ice cream is as delicious as it sounds. Named “churron”, a mash-up of “churro” and “turon,” a Filipino caramelized fried banana roll.

The new Señor Sisig restaurant will serve drinks with Filipino and Mexican tastes including ube, pandan, and calamansi.

Stop by one of the six Humphry Slocombe locations around the Bay Area to enjoy this new flavorful ice cream before it sells out!