Hard Work Pays Off For Bringing Filipino Street Food “Boy Isaw” To New York, Now Makes 14$K A Month

The Filipino street food vendor admits that perseverance and hard work were really his main capitals in achieving his dream.

After introducing one of the most popular Filipino barbeque street food, “ihaw-ihaw,” especially the isaw (grilled chicken or pork intestines), to New York, Filipino street food seller Robin John Calalo has seen the fruits of his labor, earning more than $14,000 each month.

His shop, “Boy Isaw,” became well-known among fellow Filipinos and even foreigners who yearned for a taste of isaw, betamax (coagulated chicken blood), adidas (chicken feet), and other Filipino street food. 

Robin’s success came as a surprise considering that his small firm only had $50 when it was founded in 2019, during the onset of the pandemic. He claims that while in the supermarket, he suddenly made the decision to open his BBQ food cart due to a craving for Filipino food with his friends and family as the first customers.

According to Business News Philippines, Boy Isaw peddles in food bazaars and engages in online selling where he posts for-sale ready-to-grill street foods.

Aside from grilled food including hotdogs, chicken, and others which he posts on his Instagram, he also serves rice and chicharon bulaklak (deep-fried pork intestine) which is also a bestseller.