This Filipino Millennial Started With $20 To Pursue Hydroponics Farming Business

Nothing is impossible for this 21-year-old Filipino who engaged in modern farming with only $20 as a starting capital.

Despite being dissuaded by his grandfather who wanted him to become an engineer, Harold Zapata was determined to uplift farming, recognize farmers, and attest that farmers are the providers of our staple food and without them, it would be challenging for us to live.

As a farmer, his grandfather believed that farming is tantamount to poverty which made him influence his grandson to pursue a different profession.

However, the farmer’s blood runs in Harold’s veins, with Harold’s minimal capital and resourcefulness, he initially started hydroponics farming using used styrofoams which he asked from vendors in their local market.

Unlike traditional farming, hydroponics farming is cheaper as it is a type of farming where plants are grown in water and not in soil and a farmer would spend money only on styro cups, coco peat, feeds, and nutrients.

As a beginner, he only had a miniature greenhouse that could hold 80 pieces of lettuce and made him earn as much as $300 a month, which gradually allowed him to expand his business.

Harold’s hobby-turned-business serves him as a source of income not only from the harvests but from offering for-sale seedlings, building greenhouses, and providing consultations with his customers.

He also exclaimed that pursuing one’s interest unlocks many possibilities and that farming also teaches life lessons.