Mom Without Prior Baking Experience But Through Perseverance Finds Success With Homemade Chocolates

Despite having zero experience in baking, this mom entrepreneur was able to give birth to Ricci Chocolates, now branded as the “Home of the Best Tasting Truffles in Baguio City, Philippines” 

Mitchiko Liquete clarified that she is a dessert lover but never a chocolate fanatic. Initially having no interest in making desserts nor in cooking, she capitalized on believing in herself with the vision of making her products look off-the-peg.

To better her craft, Mitchicko heeded the DTI’s Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME) free online training program in September 2022 to learn about branding and marketing while in a ‘hit and miss’ process in chocolate-making, which she considered as a great help for business-starters like her. 

Mitchiko’s 100% homemade premium chocolates got 20 to 30 boxes of sales per day that eventually reached over and above 2,000 to 3,000 packs weekly and enabled the company to supply more than 100 resellers and distributors nationwide.

The success of Mitchicko’s purely hand-crafted, first-class, and domestically produced chocolates paved the way for opening four stores and actualized $17,000 income in one year alone making Mitchiko more than proud.

She plans to expand her sweet business by making Ricci Chocolates visible in every mall in the Philippines.