High School Students Launches Digital Magazine To Uncover Untold Stories Of Asian-Americans For Future Generations

A group of passionate and hard-working high school students is documenting the experiences of Asian-Americans throughout history and the current day through a digital magazine called “What We Experience.”

The e-magazine discusses a variety of topics relating to the experiences of Asians in American society. These topics range from the history of the Model Minority Myth to the effects of racism and violence against Asian Americans. Their content is expressed through articles, personal anecdotes, poetry, art, and media corners. Everyone can submit a work of art or writing to be featured.\

17-year-old student Jeenah Gwak of Bellevue and 18-year-old Hope Yu of Seattle are the co-founders and co-editors of the quarterly publication. After witnessing an increase in the number of attacks directed on the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the year 2020, they decided to launch the magazine as a project.

“We want to provide a resource that everyone can go to and read about the history of Asian culture, and just Asian experiences in general. We don’t find that in history textbooks,” said Gwak in an interview with Fox 13.

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