House Manifest: A Co-Living Space for Personal And Entrepreneurial Growth

The pandemic swept the world and everyone quickly had to pivot. Entrepreneurs had to embrace digitalization in order for their business to survive, while others took this opportunity to finally pursue their dreams of discovering the world and being digital nomads.

Stephen Choi founded House Manifest, a residential community located in Lisbon, Portugal for remote entrepreneurs to explore, stretch their comfort zone, grow together, and expand their mindset through structured activities. 

This idea was first inspired when he co-lived with other nomads in Bali in 2021, “We rented a 4BR villa with a pool 2 minutes from the beach and recruited other nomads to live with us. It was epic. This was the in-person experience I’d always wanted to create and be a part of.”

Stephen was initially invited to Lisbon later that year to pitch his web app startup to a panel of investors producing a TV show called Meet The Drapers – similar to Shark Tank. 

On a whim, he looked up Airbnb to see if he could replicate the co-living he ran in Bali, and he found a stunning 10-bedroom house with a rooftop that overlooks the entire city and the river, “I wanted to bring open-minded, growth-oriented entrepreneurs together, and live, work, and travel with them. The house was perfect for that.”

He rented the house for two months and hosted 15 entrepreneurs from all over the world and co-created an environment where members share different aspects of their lives and help each other get to the next level of personal and professional growth. 

This new profound experience gave Stephen an even stronger idea of finally building a residential community to help growth-oriented, ambitious entrepreneurs find a new tribe, explore the world, and discover a new version of themselves, “Starting July, I’ll be running Season 2 at a new house and am super excited about helping entrepreneurs discover a new city, a new version of themselves, and a new home” watch its epic youtube video.

After the Airbnb lease ended, Stephen was in search of another house to run the second season of House Manifest. A friend he met through a member of the previous season introduced him to a new house – a 19th-century 12-bedroom neoclassical mansion in the heart of Lisbon.

Formerly a 4-star hotel, this epic mansion designed for a noble family has massive lounge areas, a dining hall, and a bar. It’s the perfect place for you to build community and unearth exciting possibilities with fellow entrepreneurs.

If you’re a growth-oriented, ambitious digital entrepreneur and want to take your career, self, and community to the next level, apply to become a member of House Manifest Season 2, here.