Japan Plastic Manufacturer Creates Plant-based Resin Guitar Picks

With most plastic isn’t biodegradable, plastic pollution has become one of the world’s most crucial environmental challenges.

Japan’s plastic products manufacturer, Nishibata Blow Industry Co. collaborated with biodegradable resin firm Neqas Co. and developed a completely biodegradable guitar pick, the “Zero” pick, to raise awareness about plastic waste’s environmental issues.

The development team not only ensured that the plant-based resin guitar picks were durable although not being made of the usual plastics, but they also included musicians to make sure that the picks produced a good, fine-grained sound.

According to a Nishibata representative, the Zero is the first guitar pick created with this material in the world.

The guitar picks are being sold at a very affordable price that starts at 400 Yen (about $3.20) for three at Nishibata’s Rakuten online shopping website and other stores.