Filipino $1 Street Food Restaurant In LA Highlighted On Netflix “Street Food: USA”

Filipino food in the U.S. is heating up with a flurry of news reports, viral videos, and social media posts about a Pinoy-owned street food eatery in Los Angeles after it was featured on the popular Netflix show “Street Food: USA”.

One of LA’s best and most interesting eateries, Dollar Hits, is owned by Elvira Chan from the city of Pampanga, Philippines. Given how fiercely competitive the market is in Los Angeles, this is quite an accomplishment. 

She is drawing a lot of attention due to the eatery’s excellent food, welcoming crew, and affordable prices. In fact, a lot of people, particularly her “kababayans” or fellow countrymen, have backed and really patronized her business. She stated that her food business was called Dollar Hits because all of her 33 different types of street cuisine on a stick cost “one dollar”.

Having a Kapampangan root, Elvira was exposed to the different Kapampangan delicacies and even barbecue specialties. She and her sisters began their business as a food truck that sells Filipino cuisine to a loyal customer base. 

They decided to buy the market space in order to expand their eatery and accommodate more Filipino diners as their patronage grew.

They have been diligently working to expand the business and expanded locations around LA. Their California locations in Temple and West Covina have already been operating. Another expansion will be located in Woodside, New York, and will be highly anticipated in August of 2022. 

Elvira wants to help out other Filipino-owned businesses in the area, so she wants to buy the entire strip mall where Dollar Hits is now renting space.

The mission of Elvira and her Dollar Hits is to provide an exceptional experience through the food nostalgia of barbecue specialties and other Filipino traditional cuisines. This is a major accomplishment, not just for their perseverance and tenacity, but also for the Filipino-American community in Los Angeles. This is something they can all take pride in.