Pandemic Turns Filipino Actor Ken Chan Into A Serial Entrepreneur

Ken Chan, a 29-year-old Filipino actor, proves that the pandemic has not only caused bad things but has also brought good fortune to some, being a celebrity-turned-entrepreneur after losing his job during the crisis.

Ken swiftly expanded his franchised iFuel gas station with 10 branches in different parts of the country in just a year. He also opened Cafè Claus, a Christmas-themed café, which has extended into three branches around Metro Manila, Philippines.

Nonetheless, he also braved the wellness industry with his Aromagicare Luxury Massage Chair. He mentioned that his triumph is also because of saving and spending wisely. 

Ken said he had taken to heart the financial lesson his parents had taught him wherein he learned not to overspend on himself.

During his recent interview, Ken said that he takes pride in the fact that he rarely makes purchases for himself and even makes the most of his cars while they are still roadworthy.

The actor realized during the pandemic that artists should secure their fallback in case they lose their jobs in the industry.