Rejections Didn’t Stop Kinside CEO Shadiah Sigala To Reach A Stellar Entrepreneurial Career

Shadiah Sigala co-founded HoneyBook, a $2 billion financial management software platform for small businesses, motivated by her ability to negotiate uncertainty while gathering information and making decisions.

When Shadiah was a child, her Mexican mother together with her two siblings moved to southern California. Despite most of her family members being unable to attend college, she was an honor student whose lifelong ambition was to acquire the greatest degree of education.

Shadia attended Pomona College for Latin American Studies and Harvard Kennedy School for public policy. As a result, she established a strategy for reaching goals she wasn’t sure about.

Before becoming an accomplished millennial, she finished her master’s degree and became the highest-earning member of their family as a project manager at Aetna, a health insurance company, where she learned about entrepreneurship, realized she is a “builder,” and thought starting her own company was the best option.

However, Shadia realized that she wouldn’t be happy there since she wouldn’t be valued. Shadia ultimately started a personal chef business in 2010, using her Pomona College alumni network to find well-off grads who wanted someone to cook for them.

In 2012, another realization occurred to her that cooking wasn’t for her. Shadiah then decided to move with her then-husband to San Francisco and found tech. She arranged informative interviews with everyone in the sector and learned that the problem she wanted to tackle was one she’d experienced as a business owner: no effective method to handle backend logistics like emails, payments, and bills.

With the three Israeli business people who have a similar concern as hers, they decided to digitize all these tedious procedures that micro small firms must complete to free them up to genuinely focus on doing what they love.

Using that concept, Shadia established HoneyBook in 2013 and worked there for five years according to CNBC.

As her most recent business, Shadia co-founded Kinside in 2018, a child-care marketplace that is available to employees that offers new parents a centralized location to look for daycare in their neighborhood, which has reached over $16 million, according to Crunchbase. 

Letting fear and excitement be one’s guide and being open-minded is what Shadia advises to other aspirants. According to her, opportunities that “feel like they are beyond your pay grade” are exactly how stellar is made.