Takashi Cheng Honored With A Special Award For Exemplary Initiatives On Elevating The AAPI Creator Community

The Gala hosted by the Asian Business Association was in full swing during the evening spent celebrating AAAPI contemporaries. The evening’s events revolved around the concept of authentic old Hollywood, and its guest list included several famous personalities. 

Takashi Cheng was honored with the Media Visionary of the Year Award, one of the night’s main highlights. He is one of the business leaders from the Los Angeles community who highlights the accomplishments of prosperous business owners and corporations and has contributed to advancing the ABA’s goals and mission. 

Cheng serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Society One. He is known to be a creative investor and a public intellectual. Cheng has seen many ups and downs, but he credits his success to the American Bar Association (ABA), which he calls a shelter for young professionals seeking mentorship and employment. He attributed a significant portion of his success to the support of his wife and their young children.

Cheng’s Bling Empire castmate and friend Kane Lim called him a visionary. Lim is proud and happy that Cheng is in the spotlight for investing in people and projects that aim to elevate the Asian community. He is amazed at how Cheng invests in people and projects that seek to promote the Asian community.

Besides all the recognition that night, Cheng modestly used his platform to show the world that a large investment in the AAPI creator community is needed to provide a perspective and a complete spectrum of content that better understands the underrepresented. 

Cheng pledged $100 million to create new films, programs, resources, and infrastructure for Asian American business leaders. This showed Society 1’s support for AAPI creators. He concluded that he had “come full circle” from being a spectator in the crowd to receiving recognition from highly regarded community members.