Kasey Ma // S2 Ep 191 // First Asian American Female on American Dating Reality Show

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 191 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Kasey Ma on this week's show.

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Kasey Ma is a well-known content creator, Twitch streamer, blogger, owner of TheStyleWright LLC (social media coaching, influencer relations management), and now founder of a gaming tech brand. She most recently made her TV debut on Amazon Prime Video’s “The One That Got Away”, making her the first Asian American female lead on an American dating reality show. With her being in the “bachelorette” role on television, she portrayed herself with a lot of passion and strength in her love journey, which is something you typically do not see as Asian American females on the screen.

Having been a full-time content creator since 2015, Kasey is no stranger to the spotlight, but she remains genuine in her intentions to inspire and motivate other females in the media space.

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