Aileen Xu

Empowering People to Create Their Dream Life


I was just at that state where I felt like I was at rock bottom, I had nothing going for me again, but I realized, in these couple of years I tried a lot of creative paths and I'm still alive. I'm still surviving and I learned a lot actually. I learned a lot about taking risks. I learned a lot about just carving your own path, all these creative skills, entrepreneurship skills.


AJ Rafael

Pioneering the Asian American Music Space


It went viral and I was like, whoa, what do I do with this? This is crazy and with all that in mind I get emails in my inbox for real record labels which is insane.


Vanessa Chen

Vivacious Honey


I felt like if I portrayed this confidence through my photos, I would eventually, you know, start to integrate that into my own life and I really feel like that's what's happened


Darice Chang

Building Authentic Asian Representation as Taiwan’s Drag King


Because I identify as non-binary and I'm queer and there just had never been a radio show in Taiwan centered on that. I was really lucky that our radio manager helped to push that through and I was able to do the show and have that representation.


Michelle Li

Very Asian


I talked about dumpling and she said that I was very Asian and that I needed to keep my Korean to myself. The whole story went viral.


Jessica Woo

Bento Box Queen


Honestly, it’s just something you just have to do, it’s not like you can sit there and someone is going to do it for you. So it’s just at that point where it’s like, you just have to do it


Isabella Sun

Reinventing Fashion for Petite Women


I had my eyes wide open, like, wow, there's this whole world out here of how these get funded, how they deploy capital and I just absorbed it like a sponge.


Alessandro Roco

Starting Sanzo, the First Asian Inspired Sparkling Water


We decided to build this brand by hitting the streets of New York city, pitching this to retail buyers, restaurant owners with literally a backpack full of sparkling water that I would take on the subway with me


David Ho

Arena Nightlife Group


I took over and in two weeks, came up with the idea for the ratchets campaign did the website, the marketing and changed it to Arena KTown. The rest was history.


Raad Ahmed

Overcoming All Obstacles


Assume that you have product-market fit, but fundamentally if your underlying unit economics is not sustainable and your customers, aren't really sticky and they're not constantly coming back to the platform and using it more then it becomes really hard and really expensive to grow your product


Gaurav Bhattacharya

Driving Growth Through AI and Grit


Our idea was we're going to create a consumer company where we're going to send people to have events and volunteer and do good for the community because we really wanted to do good and have a technology that supports anyone from anywhere in the world to be able to do something with their time and come together and helping nonprofits.


Gary Hwang

Discipline, Culture and Food


I think the best advice that I could give, honestly, I'm not even just for the restaurant industry budgets for almost anything that you are going to work on or start up on is find a good team and find a good partner because no matter what industry you're in, you're going to need be able to need someone that one that you can trust.